Gabriele Hamm Adler


 I have experienced the three C’s many times in my professional as well as in my private life. Every time I dared to take the chance I found myself afterwards in a happier position. My curiosity to understand what drives individuals and what values define their surrounding has given me deep insights to identify opportunities in every situation.

“The 3C’s in life: Choice, Chance, Change. You must make the choice, to take the chance , if you want anything in life to change.” - Unknown

With my empathy, energy and my professional experience, I can inspire others in their development to reach their full potential by empowering them to make good choices, identifying their chances and thereby their ability to drive their own change.


  • MSC Psychology, University of Cologne
  • Certified Systemic coach and change manager, University of Cologne, INEKO Institute, Germany
  • Certification, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
  • Certification, Predictive Index
  • Trained in Hofstede 6 D model
  • Trained in 4 Room-model 


  • Competence and organizational development
  • Developing and implementation of organizational analysis methods
  • Designing, facilitation and leading of global leadership and corporate culture programs
  • Process/Project management
  • Coaching and mentoring individuals, groups and organisations in change processes
  • Coaching business leaders in strategic development and innovation processes


  • 19-  Owner of GHA Development
  • 15-18 Project manager Concept development, Inter IKEA Systems BV
  • 13-15 Change & communication leader, Global Learning portal, Inter IKEA Systems BV
  • 09-12 Program leader IKEA Culture Centre
  • 05-09 Program leader Competence development, Inter IKEA Systems BV
  • 02-05 Project manager Corporate Culture Program - IKEA Way
  • 98-02 HR Manager at IKEA IT AB
  • 93-98 HR Specialist at IKEA International AS
  • 89-93 HR Manager IKEA Verkaufs GmbH, Cologne, Germany