”Today our unit has indeed increased its performance”
"Entira coached us in building trust and openness"
"Entira has been extremely responsive to our needs"

    What others say about us

    The best feedback we get is when our clients tell us that they have gained new insights. That they have found a way to see the human factor as something unique and amazing that can benefit their operations.

    "As a global organization with leaders in most continents, we were looking for ways to develop and challenge our leaders that goes beyond the traditional standard leadership development curriculum and that would open up an individual as well as collective learning journey for each participant. Specifically, we were looking for a partner with the experience, competence and personality that could create such a learning journey and that would challenge our thinking and comfort zones while securing a cultural fit with our overarching objectives. We found this partner in Entira.

    All along, Entira has been very eager to learn about our organization, culture and challenges and has been very receptive and responsive to our needs. While the intellectual and emotional investment from all participants have been high, the immediate return can be felt from all corners of our world. And although the response from participants have been overwhelmingly positive, we are continuously measuring the impact from the development in team performances and engagement.

    As the journey has only started, we feel we have found a fantastic partner in Entira to help us navigate the continued development of our leadership on the road ahead. We therefore can give our sincerest recommendations for any organization that wants to be challenged and moved in more ways than what is traditionally offered."

    Peter L Nilsson, CEO
    Ecolean Group

    "Barilla came into contact with Entira when we saw a need to develop our leadership, to build a solid common ground for all our managers, based on our values. For several years now, we have collaborated on a training programme to create a conscious and coaching leadership and we are very pleased with the results we have seen so far. Entira has been extremely responsive to our needs and has guided us through this process in a very professional way. I can sincerely recommend Entira to other companies. "

    Tommy Mohlin
    Plant Senior Manager, BU Filipstad Bakery Plant, Barilla

    "Entira and Johan Bauer-Björklund have helped us and given us the tools to become better coaches, leaders and managers. Today we have a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses, and a plan for how to develop as individuals and as a team. We will surely work with John in the future and give him our wholehearted recommendations. "

    Erik Syrén, MD/CEO
    Lundalogik AB

    During the spring and summer of 2013, the department board of the Swedish Association of Health Professionals in Skåne had the privilege to work with Entira. Without exaggeration I would like to say that the cooperation with Entira has been indispensable for the development of our organisation. Our ability to lead the group has evolved in a way I never thought possible, and the personal leadership development has also taken a major step forward for all of us.
    With Entira’s help we received knowledge that led to insight, which in turn led to a change. The training was tailored to our own needs and wishes, and implemented with skill, humour and warmth. We simply had a whole lot of fun together.
    I can heartily recommend Entira to anyone who wishes to develop their management teams and operations.

    Mats Runesten, Chairman
    Swedish Association of Health Professionals, Skåne region

    MedPharm had a reached a point where we, in order to maintain and develop our growth, needed to evolve as a company, both with regards to the organisational structure and as a team of co-workers. After speaking to many companies we went with Entira, and I am very pleased we did. I was anxious about the initial interaction, as I knew that all the scientists within MedPharm would require that Entira justify everything with evidence and facts. However, I was very impressed with how Nicki and Johan handled this, and a complete trust in Entira was rapidly gained.

    The outcome of our interaction with Entira (which continues) has been almost miraculous. Communication has been significantly improved (at all levels) and productivity has increased. The contentedness of the MedPharm co-workers is obvious to everyone, and it shows clearly in appraisals and the decrease in staff turnover rate.

    I cannot thank the Entira team enough and would recommend them without reservation. The investment in time and money has been returned many times over.

    Prof. Marc Brown PhD CChem FRSC.
    CSO and COO MedPharm Ltd. Chair in pharmaceutics

    For almost a year during 2011-2012, our management group experienced fruitful collaboration with ENTIRA, receiving educational guidance from its experienced and professional representatives Johan Bauer Björklund, Marie-Luise Ribbnäs and Karsten Olofsson. ENTIRA’s support and mentorship during a difficult time in our daily work environment was pivotal to our teambuilding process. Our development as a management group, indeed, depended on the continuous support from ENTIRA.
    Today our unit has increased its performance compared to the time before our collaboration with ENTIRA. Patient flow, equipment logistics and short- and long-term intervention planning function much better, as does interaction with other departments. As a result the psycho-social work environment in our unit has improved. In conclusion, all these factors have led to a much higher appreciation level among our co-workers regarding the daily working conditions in our unit.
    Looking back at the goals we reached with ENTIRA, we are very grateful for the didactic activities, mentorship and continuous support that we experienced. We can highly recommend ENTIRA’s educational efforts and mentorship for the development of team leadership skills, especially in a situation with a multitude of unsolved work-related problems.

    Johan Lundberg
    Medical Director, Associate Professor at Region Skåne, SUS-Lund