How can you take the space you deserve?
How can you be comfortably uncomfortable?
What do you need to let go of?

    Who are we

    Our common motivation is the desire to develop businesses and people. Therefore, we listen with empathy and curiosity to really understand your specific needs. We ask the questions that need to be asked, even if they sometimes are uncomfortable. We say what we see and strive to make the complex understandable so that we together will be able to build the development process you need.

    We want the best for you and your organisation and we will do it together!


    Johan Bauer-Björklund
    +46 (0)705 123230

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    Marie-Luise Ribbnäs
+46 (0)702 208887

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    Karsten Olofsson
    +46 (0)709 820098

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    Gary Ward
    +46 (0)706 915775

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    Anna Heiman
    +46 (0)707 756777

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    Gabriele Hamm Adler

    +31 (0)625044049

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