Gary Ward


My passion is to work with people. I have a strong belief that everyone can live a life full of energy and joy. What I do today is rooted in my own journey, a life of learning from life's ups and downs. Professionally, I have more than 30 years of career behind me, mainly in the IT industry, in different positions and leadership roles. Today I want to share my experience to support and help others on their journey to fulfill their dreams and achieve their own goals.

"Chasing meaning is much healthier than avoiding discomfort." - Kelly McGonigal


  • Active within the areas of personal development, leadership development and group development.
  • Several years of leadership and management experience from a number of companies working in the IT industry.
  • A distinct communicator, open and easy to work with
  • Active ACC Certified Coach of the International Coach Federation (ICF) with experience in both individual and group coaching 
  • Supervisor of several programmes for personality and leadership development
  • Active as an educator for ICF accredited coaching courses
  • Facilitator/supervisor of group meetings and workshops



  • 09-     Owner and professional coach, Total Personal Success AB
  • 16       Supervision, Radical Collaboration
  • 16       FIRO Element B
  • 14       Certification, Four Rooms of Change®
  • 14       Licensed Personal trainer and gym instructor
  • 13       Certification, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® 
  • 12-13 Coach and manager,  "Individuals seeking new positions", Sony Mobile Communications
  • 12       Certification, Coaching supervision
  • 09      Coach Certification, ICF(ACC)
  • 08      Internal education, "Leading Change", IKEA
  • 08-11 IT Architect, IKEA IT Delivery
  • 03-08Information- and security specialist, IKEA IT
  • 01-03 Information Security Manager, WM-data Scania/Scania InfoMate
  • 98-01 Network administrator/Technically responsible,  SEB IT Service AB
  • 93-97 Network administrator, Växjö University